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Thanks for the fav.
faizomorgana Mar 17, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
whats your relationship with your OCs? :3
since you're the creator of kohaku.
i also wanted to know how do u create her?
did anything bad happen while kohaku was having her triplet ._.
like yuuna/yuuma break in and try to kill her kids
or the vampire teacher (the one that has white spiky hair and looks like
an complete evil asshole)
Izzy-Chan2095 Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Well the relationship with my babus (yes babus) is very strong > u <

Crazy as it seems, Kohaku was created when I was just doodling in class two years ago, and I was like "hmmm... I actually like her design, I think I'll keep her", after creating her and developing her backstory a tiny bit, I created Yuuma and my other characters after.
And no, Yuuma would never do such a thing Q 3 Q Yuuma is Kohaku's fatherly figure who she calls daddy, he's nothing related to evil things like the asshole Demarcus (he's not a vampire teacher btw :'3 I think you thought that because of the comic Amy made).
Demarcus is a "holy" vampire who is really religious (although I think you know that already//shot), the vampire that turned Aiden into a vampire over 800 years ago (yes I know everything cause I'm obsessed with Aiden//shot).
And about the triplets, Kohaku's labor was actually pretty easy, lucky she didn't go through much pain (honestly, she's been through so much pain already that it wasn't as painful as it usually is).
Is there something else you would like to know? :3
faizomorgana Mar 17, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
._. well. do kohaku's family like aiden?
i mean i like aiden (even though idk what type of vampire power do he have)
and what happen after she give birth?
did she faint? hard to breath? or something worst ._.

well my old oc from 2011 lost his family and he died infront his family
grave. he has a human wife and both son and daughter.

they all die. ._.
Izzy-Chan2095 Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Weeeell, Kohaku's mother died right after giving birth to Kohaku, and Kohaku's father abandoned her and sent her to the lab where she met Yuuma who saved her life. She has her sister though, and her sister treats Aiden like a big brother so yeah, the little family she has likes Aiden.
Also, Aiden did this thing once, that he let Kohaku's mother's soul into his body for a few minutes to talk with Kohaku on her birthday, and she likes Aiden very much too so, yeah I guess so~ < u >
Well, Aiden is a very strong vampire, considering that they (other vampires) call him the vampire king, lord of the vampires, etc. Kohaku also looooves his abs and biceps btw(so do I but shhh you heard nothing > u >//shot)
Nah, she just had a hard time breathing, but then she was alright, yet she was exhausted so on the ride back home she fell asleep in the car :'3

omg you're kinda like me, everyone dies < u > Kohaku's mommy died, her daddy died, Yuuma's mommy died, Yuuma's father died (he was the creator of the lab so hell yeah he deserved to die, not Yuuma's mommy though, she was a sweetheart), some of the friends Kohaku made in the lab died, almost every character I created died.
Also, in Kohaku's original story, I was going to make Yuuma die, then have Kohaku commit suicide, but in the end I made them live, BUT I'm still kinda considering for them to die//shotI'msorry
(1 Reply)
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